A heart for wood

Carpentier has been active in the wood industry since 1958. Willy Carpentier, a born entrepreneur, founded Willy Carpentier Houtindustrie. In doing so, he followed in the footsteps of his father, who had been producing wooden washtubs and clothes pegs for many years.

Leading player on the hardwood market

Every year Carpentier sells more than 20,000 m³ of wood. We distribute our wood around the world, to countries such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Poland and Scandinavia. We also export our products to China, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Baltics.

Thanks to our continual investment in our machinery park and in our staff, Carpentier has become one of the leading players on the European hardwood market, with ‘oak’ as our greatest specialty. But we are also specialists in heat-treated wood known as “HOTwood”.

We have built up excellent references across a broad range of sectors including in particular the parquet, staircase and furniture industry. Furthermore, we act as supplier to many window, door and frame manufacturers, wood merchants, kitchen manufacturers, landscape gardeners, agents, patio designers, interior design firms, home renovators, constructors of timber framed houses and building contractors.

From finishing processes to global solutions

Over the past few years Carpentier has invested in a whole range of finishing processes and the creation of added value. This means we are now able to cut, saw, dry, heat-treat, plane, split, CNC machine and wrap wood.

This has resulted in an entirely new range of finished products, such as timber cladding, wooden decking, sheet pile walls and wooden fencing. With its brand Livinlodge, Carpentier even offers fully finished timber framed buildings which come as a kit with a construction manual or, if required, our installation team can step in.

Sustainable and environmentally aware

The first expansion abroad took place in 2008. With Industrie Bois Carpentier (IBC) the available drying capacity of 1,100 m³ was increased by 650 m³. As the heat generated by the incineration of wood waste is used to supply our drying energy needs, this investment is very ecological.

Running a sustainable business that respects nature and the environment is a priority here at Carpentier. We were one of the first companies in Belgium to obtain a PEFC and FSC® certificate. We see to it that our wood comes from forests that are sustainably and legally managed. This is why we focus mainly on European types of wood. These wood types have been part of an environment-friendly and sustainable forest management for generations now – as opposed to a large part of the tropical wood types.

Experts in wood

In 1991 the next generation joined the family business. First Heidi Carpentier and Stefan Vander Stichele made their entry and since 1999 Kristof Carpentier has played an active role in the company as well.

In the coming decades, we want to keep on looking for and creating solutions to all of your wood issues. We will do so by drawing on our many years’ experience, offering extensive advice and providing a personal service.

“We grew up with the smell and the pureness of European oak and beech. We have been specialists in oak for years, but also in HOTwood ash, HOTwood pine and HOTwood reclaimed wood.”

Kristof Carpentier

“Our wood is FSC and PEFC certified which is something we believe is important. Because sustainability and proper forestry management have gone hand in hand at Carpentier for generations.”

Heidi Carpentier

FSC label
Carpentier has been a member and certificate holder of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) since February 9, 1999. This “Chain of Custody” monitors the entire trajectory of the FSC certified forest, up until the wood finally arrives in the shop. Every business that plays a role in this process (forest owner, timber companies, distributors etc.) is inspected by an independent body, after which it can obtain a numbered Chain of Custody certificate. This certificate enables businesses to sell products with an FSC label. Companies who have this certificate mention it in their invoices.

Carpentier’s Chain of Custody code is: CTIB-COC-001183.

Download the certificate

PEFC label
Carpentier has been a member of the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) since October 2005. This programme issues forest certifications and was founded in 1991 on the initiative of forest owners from various countries. In terms of surface area, PEFC covers 224 million hectares, making it currently the largest forest certification system in the world.

Businesses that sell PEFC labelled products support a Chain of Custody that can trace the origin of sustainable wood. Every year an independent body inspects businesses to check they comply with the requirements. The PEFC certificate number also needs to be included in the invoice.

Carpentier’s PEFC certificate number is: CTIB-TCHN 1182.

Download the certificate

Production process

Carpentier constantly invests in its staff and machinery park. This means we are able to cover the entire production process, from logging through to the finished product, and offer high-quality products. We have a stock of more than 8,000 m³ of hardwood.

Forest cultivation
Our experience in the hardwood sector has been passed down from generation to generation. Thanks to this experience, we are able to assess the quality of standing timber. Our staff constantly manages the purchase of logs for the parquet, furniture, beam and barrel industry.

Wood purchasing
We can guarantee a constant wood supply thanks to our smooth cooperation with various French and Eastern European sawmills. In this way we can offer you an extensive stock of high-quality European hardwood at all times.

Carpentier disposes of 18 drying chambers with a total drying capacity of 1,750 m³. Some 60% of these drying chambers are located in Belgium and the other 40% in France through our sister company IBC, where we dry timber using heat from incinerating wood waste. Our vacuum drying chamber allows quick drying and therefore constitutes an extra service for our customers.

Sawing and trimming
Our sawmill is equipped with a crosscut saw and a computer-controlled multi-blade saw, thanks to which we are able to deliver perfect and customised products. Sawing up waney-edged boards to square-edged boards in longer lengths is our specialty.

Rip cutting

The wood is sawn lengthwise using a band saw. This is mainly done on a thickness of 27 millimetres in order to produce 9 millimetre parquet. With oak, the wood is ripped before it is dried. This results in a more uniform colour and improved flatness and straightness.

Planing and profiling

Carpentier can plane each piece of wood to mate a profile and to measure. We can even plane beams as big as 300 x 300 mm. Of course, you can also choose from our extensive range of standard profiles for wooden decking and cladding.

CNC machining

From posts with diamond tops to complete timber framed buildings – we can do it all at Carpentier. We can carefully prepare your project and build it with the help of the computer-controlled, CNC machine.

Glaze, oil, varnish, wood-stain

You can choose the finish for your wood: varnishing, staining or colour-specific oiling for example. If the wood is adequately treated it will last longer and maintenance will be easier. Please do not hesitate to seek our advice; we are only too happy to help.

Black Oak, a type of vertical cladding with a black finish, is currently very much on-trend. The oak is brushed and treated with two layers of top-coat varnish. This wood cladding comes with a five-year guarantee against moisture penetration, blistering and dirt adherence.

Aside from black, other RAL colours are, of course, available.

Flame retardant treatment

Wood has a great many uses. In some cases, that wood needs to meet specific fire safety standards. We have a great deal of expertise in treating wood to make sure it is flame retardant and we also offer this in our selection.

Flame retardant impregnation of wood:

Quality control

During the entire production process we closely monitor the quality of the wood. By means of continuous measurements and visual inspections we check the wood meets all quality requirements and that the drying degree and measurements match.



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