Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Aluminium or wood substructure

Thanks to our aluminium or wood substructures, you can save 50% on installation. Our clips are pre-fitted to every joist – all you have to do is pop the timber decking boards into place. The pre-fitted clips also ensure that the decking boards are placed at the right intervals.

The advantage of an aluminium substructure lies in the fact that it maintains its shape and stability throughout and also that it lasts for life. We currently coat all our aluminium substructures in black to avoid reflections from the sun and so that they are less visible between decking boards.

To install a raised, timber decking you can use our universal decking risers which are perfectly suited to our wooden or aluminium substructures. Furthermore, our aluminium joists are fitted with a side groove so the decking riser can clip perfectly into it.

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