Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Barnwood Timber cladding

This rustic timber cladding is made out of reclaimed pine that’s almost 200 years old!

In the 19th century farmers built enormous wooden sheds (barns). Nowadays, 200 years later, these barns have become obsolete and are therefore demolished. This authentic barnwood is processed into, amongst others, magnificent timber cladding.

Barnwood cladding fits perfectly into the cradle-to-cradle principle. The basic idea here is that old materials that are no longer suitable for a certain use, can still be incorporated in a completely new project, without loss of quality.

The solid wood cladding in barnwood is available in thicknesses of 20/24 millimetres and variable lengths and widths. Carpentier offers both European barnwood and Canadian barnwood. Both are available in a black finish.

Barnwood is suited for outdoor cladding as well as interior wall covering.