Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Oak Beams

Oak beams can often be found in oak constructions such as timber framed buildings, pool houses, carports, garden offices and horse stables. They are also perfectly suited for fences, gates, water works, restorations and roof constructions. The oak beams of Carpentier come from our own hardwood logs. They are either freshly sawn or air-dried. The main advantage of the latter is that the warping in the wood is already gone for the main part.

Customised oak beams

Our sawmill has a capacity of 24 m³ oak beams per day. Furthermore, Carpentier has a 200 m³ stock of oak beams in the standard sizes, available either air-dried or freshly sawn. These beams were sawn 2 to 5 years ago and can be planed or treated by means of CNC machining, all according to your wishes. We are able to deliver specific dimensions or quantities smoothly and with the necessary flexibility at all times.