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Oak Timber decking boards

In the past, valuable tropical hardwood was the most common choice for producing timber decking boards. Nowadays, oak decking boards are used in the world of timber decking more and more. Ecological and affordable!

Carpentier’s oak decking boards come from sustainably managed PEFC (possibly FSC) certified forests. Many types of exotic hardwoods coming, for example, from Brazil or Africa, do not have such certification. Among its qualities, oak has a smaller carbon footprint! Our oak decking boards belong to durability class II. They are dried artificially until they reach an equilibrium moisture content of 18%. They are then selected according to quality and planed – if necessary. Our rough sawn oak decking boards of 33 x 155/205 mm come with a very attractive price tag!

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Decking boards

Decking boards
  • Rustic mix QF2X/QF3X/QF4

Freshly sawn or dried 18/20%

33 x 155/205 mm


28 x 145/195 mm

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QF2 Profile

  • Rustic

± 21 mm x your choice (upon request only, profile of your choice)


Knots of up to 25 mm, 1 side free of sapwood, an edge of sapwood permitted on the other side

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