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Extensions and decking coverings

Does your customer wish to add an extension to his home in the shape of a luxurious decking covering or a timber framed building? Livinlodge offers a broad selection of wooden decking coverings and extensions such as greenhouses, verandas and orangeries. Whether your customer opts for a country-style decking covering or a modern garden office adjoining his house, Livinlodge is the partner for you!

Custom-made solutions – timber framed extensions and decking coverings

A wooden decking covering or a timber framed extension should blend in perfectly with the style and the taste of your customer. That is why Livinlodge offers custom-made solutions from start to finish. Together – and, of course, in consultation with your client – we will find the perfect design, the best interior layout and the right dimensions. Thanks to our long experience in the wood industry, we are able to deliver long-lasting products of the highest quality. The end product can be erected and finished either by you or by our team of professionals.

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Livinlodge construction kits

Livinlodge is synonymous with design and innovation, and our ingenious construction systems are a perfect example of this! We deliver our timber framed buildings in practical, ready-to-assemble kits. Everything is prepared in advance in our workshop and on our CNC machine so that the building will fit together perfectly on site. All pieces are numbered and a technical sheet is always included which makes mounting child’s play. The matching wooden cladding can also be placed very quickly and easily thanks to our QuickClip system. If you want to, you can always call in our team of professional installers.


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Download our app and convince your clients with 3D visuals!

The Livinlodge app is a handy tool for instantly visualising the timber framed building your client has in mind. You can produce a 2D visual of the project with the client’s specs in a jiffy. If you like, you can also add extra functions such as insulation and optional accessories in just a click. Then you can visualise the project with your client in 3D. The visualisation will give him the impression he is in the garden of his dreams and he’ll soon be won over! What’s more, the calculation module enables you to work out the price of the project straight away so you can draw up an offer quickly and easily.

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