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thermally treated pine Timber decking boards

ThermoWood or thermo pine (HOTwood) is an excellent alternative to valuable tropical wood types.

Advantages of timber decking boards in HOTwood pine

During a heat treatment, the pinewood is heated up to at least 215 °C. This is done by means of steam, in order to prevent cracks and splits in the wood. After the treatment the thermo pine is comparable to tropical hardwood of class I/II. We are able to provide you with a class I/II certificate. Timber decking boards in HOTwood pine have an attractive and warm colour and will turn into a beautiful and even grey as time goes by.

Thermowood retains its form, is stable and does not contain any splits or worms. It comes in two versions: with or without knots. It is, in short, the perfect alternative to exotic hardwood.


  • Durability class I/II (I/II: pine, clear pine)
  • 100% ecological, environment-friendly
  • The alternative to tropical hardwood
  • Good resistance to rot
  • Retains its form and is stable
  • Intense colour
  • 100% RETURN

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origin wood type
European softwood
wood type
thermally treated pine
Timber decking boards

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Thermo pine decking QC

Thermo pine decking QC

26 x 118 mm

Slightly curved for speedy draining. 4 smooth sides with 2 grooves at the bottom as well as the substructure H 42 x 68 cm in thermo pine. All the clips are already mounted.

Including 2lm substructure per 12lm.

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