Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Beech Logs

Carpentier buys its beech logs from standing wood. After close examination of all the beech trunks in a forest, Carpentier buys the right to fell the trees itself.

After felling, the beech trunks are skidded towards a prepared path and then sorted into quality and chain sawed. The best quality logs are reserved for the veneering and staircase industries, lumber for the sawmill and finally the tree tops for the pallet industry and for firewood.

The red centre is a key factor in sorting beech logs. Many beech trees have a “false heartwood” which means they are red in their centre. If only white wood is wanted, then false heartwood reduces the value of the beech wood considerably.

Lately, at the instigation of designers and prominent architects, numerous beautiful pieces of furniture and projects have been made using red beech wood. So red-hearted beech is also becoming more interesting economically.