Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Oak Logs

Thanks to our lengthy experience in the logging industry and our knowledge of the best growth areas, Carpentier is able to buy its logs directly from source. First we assess the standing trees, and then the oaks are felled and skidded towards a prepared path. The trunks are then sub-divided into various qualities: from wood for the coopering industry to parquet quality. A great many logs are loaded straight from the forest into containers and delivered around the world. We have staff whose sole role is to seek out good wood. Assessing the trunks of standing wood requires years of experience. This is how Carpentier maintains a permanent stock of 4000 m³ of oak logs, standing in forests or piled up at the forest’s edge.

Customers can order the quality of oak log they require.

Export B/C quality

  • Unlimited number of large knots, max. 20 cm in diameter, permitted.
  • No ring shake crevices, no rotting.
  • For sawing into sleepers and very rustic boards (QF4).

B quality

  • Knots with a maximum diameter of 10 cm permitted. Ideal for sawing into nice parquet wood or joinery wood.

Frame quality

  • Specially selected English quality, i.e. straight the full length of the log up to 7-9 m. Ideal for long beams.