Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Oak Timber retaining walls

Carpentier’s timber retaining walls are perfect for gardens where there are differences in height because of sunken garden lounges or steps for example. Retaining walls can also be used as support structures in order to prevent landslides. For ditches and ponds we also offer sheet piles and oak sleepers. In the past, water features were often made using tropical wood types for retaining walls. Nowadays however, oak is used more and more as an alternative because of the ecological advantages that it offers.


Our oak comes from European forests that have been managed sustainably for generations. Thanks to the local production, the ‘ecological footprint’ of our oak is smaller than that of exotic types of hardwood.

Carpentier offers wooden sheet piles, oak sleepers and timber retaining walls in various lengths. These products are suited to a whole range of uses.