Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Universal adjustable decking risers

Our adjustable decking risers offer the perfect solution for installing or levelling raised deckings. They are easy to place, easily adjustable and adapted to fit our aluminium or wooden substructures. They also clip perfectly into the side grooves of our aluminium joists.

With conventional adjustable decking risers, you would need four or five models to overcome differences in height from 35 mm to 235 mm. With our universal adjustable decking risers just one model will do the job. This model can easily be raised thanks to ingenious extensions.

Weight: 311 gr

Quantity: 80 pcs per bag

Height: 35 to 55 mm

Extension pieces (per pair):

1 pair: 55 to 100 mm

2 pairs: 55 to 140 mm

3 pairs: 55 to 190 mm

4 pairs: 55 to 235 mm