Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Beech Waney-edged boards

Carpentier’s waney-edged beech boards are mostly used in the staircase industry so our highest quality beech is allocated to staircase manufacturers. We offer both steamed as well as non-steamed beech.

The beech logs need to have a diameter of at least 50 centimetres and be longer than 3.80 metres in order to be able to produce waney-edged boards from them. After a strict selection process the logs are sawn into planks of various thicknesses at the sawmill.

The sawn timber is stacked vertically so the beech wood can turn a nice, white colour. After at least 10 days, the waney-edged beech boards are stacked horizontally again. In contrast with waney-edged oak boards, waney-edged beech boards are dried quickly and artificially. In order to keep the colour as white as possible, plenty of ventilation is used during the drying process.

The most common commercial thicknesses for our waney-edged beech boards are 41 and 52 millimetres.