Carpentier Hardwood Solutions

Oak Waney-edged boards

We select the best logs from our forests. These logs are selected for their colour, the number of growth rings per cm and the presence of knots. These oak wood logs are taken to the sawmill and sawn into various thicknesses.

Sawing into waney-edged boards is carried out on stock and to order. What often happens and for specific clients is that the wood is selected in the forest for its quality, its diameter and its length so it can then be sawn to the required thickness.

Once the logs have been sawn, the waney-edged oak boards are stacked and stored in conditions that protect them from unwanted damage such as splitting or greying.

It is essential to treat and dry waney-edge oak boards correctly in order for them to obtain the right colour.

When the wood has reached a moisture content of around 30%, it is dried artificially in conventional or vacuum kilns – depending on the thickness of the wood. The vacuum kilns are especially suited for thicknesses from 52 to 80 millimetres. We use special drying programmes, but it is above all our many years of experience that enables us to obtain optimal drying.

The end result is that Carpentier has a large stock (ca 1000 m3) of waney-edged oak boards. They are available in various thicknesses and qualities.